F1H2o World champions 2023

The team is composed of two pilots, Jonas Andersson and Kalle Vippo. Jonas Andersson is the main pilot of F1 Team Sweden. He has been racing in the UIMF1H2o World Championships since 2006 and won the World Championship in 2021. He achieved a runner up finish in the 2022 season. In 2023 he secured the championship in the penultimate round, in Olbia. Jonas Andersson is the 2023 UIM F1 Worldchamion.

Jonas is an experienced and talented pilot and is very passionate about the sport.

Kalle Vippo is the second driver of F1 Team Sweden. He is a newcomer to UIMF1H2o but is already showing impressive results in his races.

He is eager to learn and is always looking for ways to improve his driving skills.

F1 Team Sweden is supported by a group of passionate and experienced volunteers and supporters.

«We are also proud to have a strong and dedicated fan base. Our fans are always cheering us on and providing us with the support we need to succeed.»

«We are excited to compete in the upcoming UIMF1h2o World Championship and strive to bring home the Championship titles.»

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